Schur Management Co., Ltd.


Schur specializes in managing property throughout the Bronx and surrounding areas. Two generations of management experience assures owners that Schur has unsurpassed management expertise that we are always at the forefront of the ever-changing regulations that affect owners of property in NYC.

Getting Good Tenants – Schur employs full-time rental agents whose job it is to help you keep your buildings rented to quality tenants. Schur’s sophisticated computer system provides an instant report detailing the rental history of every potential tenant – credit history, employment history, even court history, so they can learn if a potential tenant has been a frequent visitor to housing court.

Rent Collection – Good tenants go a long way to ensuring good rent collection. But even some of the most carefully screened tenants can later turn into collection problems. With their hands-on management presence Schur has an excellent 30-year collection record. Their familiarity with the NYC legal system, particularly Bronx County, is beneficial in dealing with many of the worst cases.
2869 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458
Bedford Park

Government Agencies
– DHCR, HPD, EPA, ECB. If you have owned Bronx real estate you know it sometimes feels like you are swimming in alphabet soup. Schur has 30 years of experience operating in this treacherous regulatory environment and they are able to respond to any complaints quickly and thoroughly, backed by in-house professionals and outside legal counsel.

Maintenance –Schur has a conveniently located central maintenance facility to service properties under management. The maintenance division has its own trucks along with full-time plumbers, painters and carpenters to assure you of fast attention to most problems. Familiarity with all building systems is essential to effective prevention of potential problems and immediate diagnosis of a current situation. This knowledge allows for quick action and prevents unnecessary waste of time or money in resolution of any problems. Established relationships with reputable local vendors over years enhances both the speed and quality of service from reliable service companies. Additionally, the longstanding relationships with vendors and the size of the management portfolio provides all owners with the enhanced purchasing power that comes from working with a large company.

Internal Control – Schur has developed a simple but thorough system of checks and balances to assure efficient administration for all the properties under management. Prior to payment each invoice must be reviewed and approved, first by the building agent and then by one of the three officers authorized to sign checks. Property owners receive detailed monthly expense statements, which are also reviewed by the officers and the company accountant.

Affiliations – Schur Management has affiliations with many organizations that support the local real estate industry. These organizations include the Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors (BMAR), The Bronx Realty Advisory Board (BRAB), the Rent Stabilization Association of New York (RSA), the Apartment Owners and Advisory Council of Westchester (AOAC), the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), as well as other local organizations that serve the community.